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sboinstall - install slackbuilds  


sboinstall [-h|-v] [-d TRUE|FALSE] [-j #|FALSE] [-c TRUE|FALSE] [-NrRip] [--create-template FILE] sbo_name (sbo_name) sboinstall [-h|-v] [-d TRUE|FALSE] [-j #|FALSE] [-c TRUE|FALSE] [-NRip] --use-template FILE  


sboinstall is used to install SBos. If the -r flag is NOT specified, sboinstall will pull the list of requirements from the .info file for any specified slackbuild. If such a list exists, sboinstall will look to see whether or not those requirements are already installed, and if not, it will ask whether or not it should attempt to install them first. This is recursive, so that ordering happens correctly. sboinstall will refuse to handle circular requirements. sboinstall will attempt to note groupadd and useradd commands in README files and offer to run those first. If the README appears to document options of the KEY=value form, sboinstall will offer the opportunity to set options.

sboinstall will attempt to download the sources from the DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD_x86_64 variables in the .info file. If such a download fails or the file can't be verified, it'll attempt to download the file from instead.  


Show help information.
Show version information.
-c|--noclean (FALSE|TRUE)
If TRUE, then DO NOT clean working directories after building the slackbuild. These are the directories where the source is unpacked and compiled, and where the package is put together in, which are under /tmp/SBo (or $TMP). By default, these directories are removed after building an slackbuild. This option leaves those directories in place. This can be set as default via the sboconfig(1) command. Also see sbotools.conf(5). This option overrides the default.
-d|--distclean (FALSE|TRUE)
If TRUE, then DO remove the source code after building the slackbuild. By default, the source code is not removed, and lives under $SBO_HOME/distfiles, which, by default, is /usr/sbo/distfiles; this option can be set as default via the sboconfig(1) command. See also sbotools.conf(5). This option overrides the default.
Do not actually install the package created at the end of the build process. So, the slackbuild will be run, and the package will be left in /tmp (or $OUTPUT), or in $PKG_DIR if so defined (see sboconfig(1) and sbotools.conf(5)).
-j|--jobs (FALSE|#)
If numeric (2,5,10, etc), then that number will be fed to the "-j" argument to make when a slackbuild which invokes "make" is run. This only makes sense on multicore systems, where one might set the JOBS to the number of available cores, or half that number, etc.
Create a -compat32 package instead of a normal x86_64 package on multilib x86_64 systems. This requires /usr/sbin/convertpkg-compat32; this can at least be obtained from AlienBob's compat32-tools package - see Note that this may or may not be foolproof, and is not supported by anyone; not me, not AlienBob, not Slackware, etc. I recommend using this with the -i option so that the created package can be inspected prior to installation. If you find that a particular slackbuild needs additional help to be created as -compat32 package, contact me at j_[at]_dawnrazor_[dot]_net.
Skip viewing of the README and the yes or no question which accompanies it. Anytime sboinstall is run, the first thing the command will attempt to do is show you the README for a given slackbuild and ask whether or not you wish to proceed; this option skips the README and bypasses the question. This also disables dependency resolution, since you have no way of confirming which dependencies you actually want to install. If multiple slackbuilds are specified, this option bypasses them all.
This option causes sboinstall to skip requirement handling, but still show the README and prompt the user to proceed.
This option asks if we should reinstall anything among the requirements that is already installed.
--create-template (FILE)
Create a template for the SlackBuilds including any optional commands or build options that you wish to set and store this in the specified FILE.
--use-template (FILE)
Use a template file and let it specify all the build options and optional commands to be used. This also enables the --nointeractive flag.


sboinstall can exit with the following exit codes:

0: all operations were succesful.

1: a usage error occured, such as specifying invalid options.
3: a .SlackBuild exited non-zero.
4: unable to md5sum verify an SBo's source file(s).
5: unable to download an SBo's source file(s).
6: unable to obtain a required file handle.
7: unable to get required info from the SBo's .info file.
8: unable to unset the exec-on-close bit on a temporary file.
9: multilib hasn't been setup (where required).
10: convertpkg-compat32 exited non-zero.
11: the convertpkg-compat32 script can't be found (where required).


None known, but there may be some. Please report any found to ; patches are always welcome.  


sbocheck(1), sboclean(1), sboconfig(1), sbofind(1), sboremove(1), sbosnap(1), sboupgrade(1), sbotools.conf(5)  


Jacob Pipkin <j_[at]_dawnrazor_[dot]_net> Luke Williams <xocel_[at]_iquidus_[dot]_org> Andreas Guldstrand <andreas_[dot]_guldstrand_[at]_gmail_[dot]_com>




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